The Billing Process: Online Payments Will Be Coming Soon!
Our standard billing process is outlined below, however, we consult with each new client to be sure we meet and exceed their individual requirements.  Our clients always retain total discretion over administrative decisions in the management of their billing and accounts receivable.  Education and Training – NEMB would establish a training program to educate all necessary personnel who will be involved in implementing the billing process, as well as provide ongoing education as necessary.Staffing – NEMB staff’s each account with qualified individuals who are experienced in the specialty for which they are responsible.  Each account is overseen by an account manager who typically acts as the direct point of contact for the client, enabling questions and requests to be acted upon immediately by the appropriate personnel.Source Documents – NEMB currently uses a variety of methods including couriers, express mail, US mail, electronically, e-mail and fax to receive documents from our clients.  We consult with each client to establish the most efficient method and frequency for transfer of source data to our office.Documentation/Data Integrity – NEMB staff review all of the data received to insure that any missing or incomplete patient or billing information will researched and corrected if necessary.Claims Submission Process – Upon receipt of all completed and required documentation, claims are entered into our practice management system and generated either electronically or on hard copy (whichever is appropriate) within a twenty four hour period.  NEMB has the ability to check eligibility and file electronically with all major third party payers.Deposits – Reimbursement for services provided would be received at NEMB’s offices and handled in a secure area, deposited on a daily basis into a deposit only account established by the cleint.  Reimbursement – All payments received are verified for accuracy and entered (either electronically or manually) into our practice management system within a twenty four hour time frame.  
  • Any claims which are not paid correctly are immediately researched and followed up with accordingly.  
  • When appropriate, NEMB will balance bill the next responsible party.  
  • Any claims which are denied or rejected are immediately evaluated to determine the cause and resubmitted if possible.  If additional research is required, the claim is transferred to a collection specialist who is responsible for monitoring the claim until it is resolved.  
  • Delinquent accounts are handled according to criteria established in conjunction with each client.  When all internal collection efforts have been exhausted, NEMB will refer accounts to a local law firm which specializes in the collection of medical claims, if the client so chooses. 


Reporting – All statistical, financial and management reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed basis.  There are many variations of standard reports which typically cover most clients’ needs.  For reporting requirements not covered via the standard reports, custom reports can be generated using a third party report writing tool called Analyzer.  There is no additional charge for any reports, whether custom or standard.Storage/Data Retention – All source documents are maintained by NEMB for a period of seven years, either on-site or at a storage facility.  After this time, the client will be given the option to take possession of them or have them destroyed in accordance with all HIPAA regulations.

Billing Process

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